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450Gbps Wireless Router
450Gbps Wireless Router
450Gbps Wireless Router
450Gbps Wireless Router
450Gbps Wireless Router
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450Gbps Wireless Router

375 SR
  • Brand: TP-LINK
  • Bar code: TL-WR940N V6

A multi-use home internet router to distribute the internet in an integrated manner inside the house, powered by three antennas to enhance the strength of the internet signal.

Parental Control Possibility | Easy app control to set internet access times for devices paired with the router |

Powerful fast download speed up to 450 Gbps | 2.4GHz high band with three antennas to enhance the internet to strengthen the Wi-Fi network.





» High quality internet router

» 3 in 1 (internet router, network extender, network entry point)

» High download speed 450 Gbps

» Three antennas to boost internet speed

» Home modem and Wi-Fi booster with WPS security button support

» 2.4GHz high band

» High encryption protection with WPS wireless connection

» Parental Controls limits when devices are allowed to pair with the network



Easy to install and more than wonderful control via mobile via applicationي | TP-LINK Tether App | ~

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