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Glass break detector
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Glass break detector

429 SR
  • Brand: AJAX
  • Bar code: 7170



The device helps to secure the room from intruders, a wireless motion detector and a glass break detector, through doors and windows, and it also monitors the current clarity of the glass ~



Combines motion detector and wireless glass break detector

sensing PIR electric microphone

- Motion detection range up to 12 recurring

- Glass break detection range up to 9 meters

Ignores the movement of pets up to 20 kg and a height of 50 cm

Battery life up to 5 years 🔋

Supports motion detection even in hot weather by compensating the temperature

It filters false alarms caused by thunder, barking dogs or the sounds of passing trucks.

easy to install

Wide detection angle 88.5 degrees horizontally, 80 degrees vertically

- Operating humidity up to 75%

- High protection against vandalism

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