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Terms of Service

Terms and conditions and privacy

Please read the following terms of use carefully before entering the website.

1 - General Terms and Conditions:

Your use of and access to this website and the materials and services available on or through it is subject to unconditional acceptance and your compliance with the terms of use.

Please do not enter the site if you do not accept the use.

2 - Effective date and amendments:

These terms of use are effective from the date these terms are posted on the website. Electronic reserves the right to amend the terms of use from time to time, and it will publish any amendment to the terms of use on the site. Any changes made through email or other contact addresses.

The site user is responsible for reviewing the terms of use from time to time to ensure his compliance with them.

The amendments are effective from the date of their publication on the site.

3 - Content:

The user agrees to enter the famous site and use it for legitimate purposes only, and it is the user's sole responsibility to know all the laws and regulations used by the site and to abide by them.

By entering the website, the user agrees to the following:

Not to misuse the site in any way.
Not to represent him while using the website.
Not using the site to commit a crime or mourning for others to commit any act that would constitute a crime according to the penal laws or lead to the ecstasy of civil liability under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Not to use the site to download any content that includes viruses, files, programs or tools that may modify or cause damage or impede the operation of the site.
Not to change, cause harm or delete any content posted on the site.
Not to claim any relationship or representation of any company, partnership, or other institution that is not legally authorized to claim this relationship or representation.
Not to post or broadcast any intrusive ads, promotional materials, or any other form of carrot.
Not to violate or publish any material that conflicts with, or otherwise, property rights
Not to collect or save personal information about others.

4- Termination of use:

"Ketrozone" has the right, in its opinion, to terminate or suspend the use of the site without prior notice for any reason, including a breach of the terms of use or any act that conflicts with or violates the site. Formal etiquette or what is considered. The user can log in to the site, and the company will use all means to prevent access to the site.

5 - A pledge or guarantee:

Electrozone makes no representations or warranties regarding the materials and information on the website. The user is responsible for using the website. Provide accurate information.

The company does not bear any responsibility for any error or negligence in the content of the website and is obligated to update this information.

The only compensation for the user for matters related to the use or the materials on the site is not to continue to use the site and not to use the information or materials obtained.

Both the user and the company agree that the company is not responsible for any damages related to the user's use or reliance on the site or any of its contents.

Please pay attention to the following when using the website:

Product information may be incomplete for the purpose of sustainable development. Catrozone reserves the right to amend or change floor plans, materials and features without prior notice or obligation. These modifications may not be disclosed on the website. Despite all efforts to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the prices and conditions contained in this document, these prices and conditions are subject to change at any time.
Cutrozone makes no undertakings to update the site. Product and other information, including its availability, is subject to change at any time, and the website may contain inaccurate information with some inaccuracies. The electron is sometimes determined by an "electron", in her opinion.


    6- Ownership:

    All the information contained in the "Cotrozone", including without limitation, all designs, texts, pictures, press articles and other information are protected by law. Or the extraction, transfer, display, implementation, distribution, sub-licensing, modification, storage for subsequent use, or use of all or part of the information in any form without the prior written consent of the "cortisone" except in the case of a written permission for that Permitted under the law and laws of printing and publishing.

    The trademarks of "ketrozone", their logos, pictures, and service marks used on the website are the property of "ketrozone" and may not be used without the prior written consent of "ketrozone" and without proper acknowledgment to this effect.

    7 - Privacy for those under the age of 18:

    Out of respect for children’s privacy, we do not provide our products or services intended for children under the age of 18 years.

    This website is a site for all the public and is not designed or intended to collect personal information from persons under the age of 18 years, in case the user is under the age of 18 years, the user must not request or provide any personal information to you.

    8 - Copyright:

    The rights to publish and print the materials and information contained on this website are the property of "Ketrozone".

    "Ketrozone" provides the products, services and content included on the website as a service for its customers and for commercial purposes that benefit the customer.

    The user may be subject to legal issues under the laws in force in the event that he violates any of the aforementioned conditions.

    It is not permissible to reproduce, extract, publish, download, transfer or distribute in any way whatsoever except for what the user is allowed to browse and while adhering to the restrictions or expressly authorized limits that relate to the content or content of a specific content or to download it. A non-commercial user, subject to the user's acknowledgment and consent.

    9 - Use of information:

    "Ketrozone" respects the privacy of the user and is committed to protecting it through its adherence to the similar policy. This policy applies to the information collected from this website, e-mail, messages or other electronic messages. Through the user's interaction with our advertisements and applications on the websites of a third party and their services in case those applications or advertisements contain links to this policy.

    The "Ketrozone" does not share, sell or rent any of this information that is collected to a third party and it does not intend to do so in the future.

    Your personal information is provided only to officials who need to know it, and your personal information will never be available for public access without your consent.

    In addition, the personal information of the users of the website will not be exchanged, sold, or transferred to any party without the user's prior consent.

    This information is provided for the information of specialists only, who provide services in accordance with the nature of the user’s interaction with our website.

    10 - Information Collected:

    In the event that the tenant requests information or provides it to us by sending an e-mail message through “Send to” or by filling out the “Contact Us” form, we may save the user's e-mail address with the additional information.

    This information may be used to contact the user in the future, either by regular mail, e-mail, or phone, to provide information about our products and services that we believe will benefit him.

    The information about the e-mail and other information provided by the user will not be sold to us.

    The use of the information collected by the "Ketrozone" for the purpose of communicating and presenting the exclusive products to the customers in a satisfactory and appropriate manner and for the purpose of marketing, and for the development of the user interface.

    Users who provide the information will receive bulletins and presentations from the "Ketrozone".

    The information that we collect from the user may be used only in the following matters:

    Follow-up of registration procedures »The user’s information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred or given to any other company for any reason without the user’s consent.
    Sending e-mail messages periodically “The e-mail address provided by the user may be used for the purpose of following up on the request process to send information and developments about the service, updates and updates on services, developments and insomnia ... or service.
    Improving our website »We always strive to improve our website based on the information and observations we receive from the user.
    Improving customer service »The information you provide to us helps us in responding to your requests by providing effective customer service and support to increase that.

    11 - Disclosure of information:

    We may disclose the personal information that we collect or that we provide, as shown in this policy, to our related and affiliated companies:
    Contractors, service providers and other parties that we use to support our business.
    Any buyer or other successor in the event of a merger, disposal of assets, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution, sale or other transfer of some or all of the company's assets, whether they have the ability to continue as part of the procedures for bankruptcy, bankruptcy or liquidation. In it the retention of personal information by the «Ketrozone» about the users of the website, which forms part of the assets that will be transferred
    Fulfilling the purpose for which it was presented
    For any other purpose, the "Ketrozone" discloses about the user's provision of information with your consent.
    We may also disclose personal user information for the purpose of:
    Comply with a court order or a governmental or regulatory request
    To collect or apply terms of use or conditions of sale and other agreements pertaining to "ketrozone"
    In the event that we believe that the disclosure of this information is necessary or appropriate to protect the rights or property of the "catrozone" or its clients or others and their safety.

    12- Links:

    The website may include links to websites of other entities or persons from the public or private sectors that are not blocked by the "ketrozone".

    The "Ketrozone" does not supervise, manage or control these websites, links, or their contents, nor do they view and control the contents of these electronic sites, nor provide a guarantee regarding their contents or their effectiveness and work.

    The "cotrozone" provides these links for easy access of users and information only.

    The posting of these links on the website is not a promotion of websites with those links or products, services and information and is included in the relevant websites and does not imply any link between the "cotero" and the operators of these websites.

    The user is subject to the terms and conditions of the "owner / sponsor" of the website when choosing any of these links.

    "Ketrozone" does not bear any responsibility whatsoever for these links or systems or for any direct or indirect damages arising out of the use of the links and physical or moral secrets.

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